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Abby Bagnall Revive Day Spa Russell

Abby Bagnall

Founder & Holistic Therapist

As the owner therapist at Revive, it is my goal to provide you with quality tailored treatments that work with your needs for body & mind.

Having been through my own skin journey battling with Eczema my whole life, I have lived and experienced what it feels like to be uncomfortable and constantly conscious in my own skin. I now spend my professional life searching for products and services to help everyone who walks through Revives door.

We are a small boutique holistic spa tucked in a secluded corner of the historic township of Russell in New Zealand’s beautiful Bay of Islands.

Come in and enjoy a tailored
treatment for your face, body, hands or feet in our private sanctuary and drift away in luxurious relaxation

I can't wait to meet you,

Abby x

Revives Mission

We are committed to supporting people in their lives through
rejuvinating relaxation and personalised wellness care.

Empowering you to feel confident in your body and
embrace a renewed sense of well-being from within.

We aim to bring calm to people’s lives through the power of true
relaxation & powerful holistic therapy. Becoming a therapy destination
within the Bay of Islands Area and beyond.

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