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Brow Code Heist Brow Soap

Brow Code Heist Brow Soap

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Get the sleek brows of your dreams with Brow Code' s innovative Heist Brow Soap.

 Infused with active ingredient Hyaluronic Acid and a blend of natural root extracts, the formulation ensures that the brows are not just lifted and well-styled but also packed with hydration. Heist is ideal for creating a full and feathered brow look with a long-lasting hold and glossy finish.

Think brow lamination but in a cosmetic!

How to use:  Moisten your eyebrow spoolie with a few spritzes of rose water or setting spray. Avoid getting your spoolie too wet as this will form a lather instead of a wax-like consistency. Rub the bristles of the spoolie into the soap until enough product has transferred. Simply brush up your brows in the direction you wish to set your hairs in whilst firmly pressing down on the skin. This ensures the hairs are locked in place.

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