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Moonstone Creek - Magnesium Therapy Gel

Moonstone Creek - Magnesium Therapy Gel

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🌺 Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Gel 🌺

Why and how it works, and my offering to you ✨️

 Magnesium is one of 16 essential minerals that our bodies need, yet the majority of the population are deficient 💊

Oral forms of Magnesium supplementation are often not well absorbed as much of it is destroyed in the digestive tract

Transdermal (applied on and absorbed through the skin) Magnesium Therapy is rapidly absorbed at a cellular level and is carried through the body to where it is needed.

Read: fast, effective action!

Using Magnesium gel is as simple as taking a pea-sized amount and applying to skin, especially wherever you're experiencing pain, discomfort, aching in your body [*avoiding broken skin and delicate eye area]. There is no upper limit of magnesium, so you can apply as often as you like.

Magnesium is known to aid especially sore, achy muscles, restless leg syndrome, fatigue and cramping, to aiding in sleep or how I use it most gratefully - to ease painful menstrual cramps. Not to mention, it's actually really amazing for skin health, too!


I have handcrafted this with my heart intuition, and divine guidance to include the hibiscus flower 🌺 in this formula. Blended with the following therapeutics: Castor oil, acacia, Lavender Rose and Clary Sage essential oils, Neroli, and of course Magnesium Chloride.

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