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Revive Day Spa

Smile Makers - Silky Swipes

Smile Makers - Silky Swipes

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Intimate wipes.

Period days, spur-of-the-moment sleepovers, workouts and hot weather. Whatever life throws your way, our individually-wrapped intimate wipes formulated for healthy, happy vulvas ensure you’re always ready for anything – and are forever feeling your freshest self. 12 sachets per box.

Our Silky (S)wipes are for the vulva – not the vagina. Because the vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need our help staying clean. And comparing the pH levels of the two is like tomato juice vs. grapefruit juice.

Not only do our Silky (S)wipes have the perfect pH balance for the vulva’s delicate microbiome, they’re enriched with natural prebiotics, too.

Free from micro-plastics and made with 100% biodegradable bamboo.

They may be biodegradable, but don’t flush your intimate wipes down the toilet. Always throw them in the trash.

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