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Smile Makers - The French Lover

Smile Makers - The French Lover

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The French Lover is the perfect accessory to discover and stimulate all erogenous zones
- smooth and flexible vibrating tongue
- intuitive shape for gentle strokes on the body
- embedding a powerful vibration technology
- can be used for solo play and partner fun
- ideally paired with a water-based lubricant
15.8 cm x 4.8 x 2.8 cm

Super smooth and cruelty-free silicone.



Pleasure fun fact: the whole body can become erogenous
Tip #1: caress the vulva by stroking it softly with the vibrating tongue
Tip #2: for realistic experience, lube up the tip of the tongue and caress yourself with it
Tip #3: build up pleasure by playing with the speeds and pulsation modes!
Tip #4: enhance outercourse by using it to explore each other’s erogenous zones

Long-lasting: AA battery for 4 hours of fun. Battery not included. 

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