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Smile Makers - The Poet

Smile Makers - The Poet

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The Poet: inspired by a kiss from nature to recreate oral sex. Blending aesthetics, technology and ergonomic research for an enchanting experience.

-suction vibrator ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit in the hand.
-clitorally inclusive toy that comes with 3 mouths of different sizes to make sure you get an optimal pleasure experience.
-advanced technology that pulsates more air than leading products in the category
-personalisable experience with squeeze sensors to adjust intensity with lock/unlock feature
-5 pulsation modes to explore more pleasure options
-elegant design to celebrate female pleasure for the beautiful experience it it
8.5 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm

Super smooth and cruelty-free silicone.



Pleasure fun facts:
-the clitoris embeds more than 8,000 nerve endings
-its most sensitive part is the glans of the clitoris, visible on the vulva

Our tip #1: start with slow intensity. The clitoris' sensitivity varies from one individual to the next and can vary from one day to the next as well. Start with low intensity and squeeze the sensors to increase it gradually to see what feels good.
Our tip #2: once you find an intensity you like, you can lock it by pressing a sensor and the main button. You can then unlock by doing the same thing.
Our tip #3: use lubricant. It can make the experience even more realistic and heighten sensations.
Our tip#4: explore pulsation modes

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