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Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Lotion (118ml)

Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Lotion (118ml)

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Instructions for use : Always apply Tend Skin liquid on dry skin. If the skin is wet, Tend Skin liquid will simply 'float off'. Also if the skin is wet and warm after a shower or bath, Tend Skin liquid may sting for a few moments.

Tend Skin liquid may be applied with a soft tissue, a cotton ball, a cotton tipped applicator or the fingertips.

If using fingertips rinse hands in water after applying to avoid exfoliation that may not be required.

A thin layer is all that is required. Do not 'splash' on.

The first time you use Tend Skin liquid and again after waxing, shaving or electrolysis, perform a test patch on a small area of skin. Wait a few minutes to ensure that no adverse reaction occurs.

Reactions may be in response to multiple product interactions e.g. if the wax used is too warm. If you have skin sensitivities to other products, test a small area 15-20 minutes before using Tend Skin liquid extensively. In all other cases, if minor tingling is felt or there is more general discomfort, next time apply Tend Skin liquid 20 minutes after hair removal. Do not use Tend Skin liquid within one month after an exfoliant treatment (AHA's - Glycolics - Roaccutane) in a clinic or medical centre.

While it is recommended that Tend Skin liquid is used on its own, if desired you may use a moisturiser after applying the product (allow Tend Skin liquid a few minutes to dry first).

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